Mission ‘M’

10 Moving tips that will help you settle easily into your new home.


Catastrophic ‘W’

Flashback to a few days ago, I did what Sia asked to do in the song ‘Cheap Thrills’. Yes, I turned the radio on. A nature watch program was on. It talked about a remote island in the Atlantic which is an overseas British territory. This island, a breeding ground for a rare species of […]

Why I Quit Teaching?

Disclaimer : This post is based on personal experiences and is not directed at any person or institution in particular. Also, this is going to be a long post so be patient. This post has been on my mind for quite sometime now but I never had the courage to write it. It has been […]

Who Am I?

You’d probably think this article will tell you more about me but here’s the deal…if you learn more about me..be sure to let me know. The two questions..the most critical questions of life whose answers once found would change life itself. Who are we? and What’s our purpose? In this immense Whoville with all the […]

The dreaded ‘D’

It’s with us but we don’t recognize it. We know it but we don’t want to acknowledge it. We want to be hush and not name it. A silent crisis, we rather not discuss. So it takes the upper hand and eats us from within. Rejoicing with every little win. The dreaded ‘D’ comes in […]