Treasure Chest

A treasure chest of memories I hold
Thoughts scribbled in every fold.
The fragrance of those sheets
Lasts longer than tweets.

Words from old friends and kin
Pinch the heart like a pin.
These precious tatters
Revive forgotten matters.

A treasure chest of memories I hold
Thought scribbled in every fold.
Indeed more valuable than gold
Irreplaceable memories unfold.

Another of my pre-holiday deep cleaning routine had me staring down at my old box filled with letters, postcards and greeting cards. I’m sure people of my gen and earlier know what happens when we stumble upon such a thing. Yup….I spent the next hour or so halting my deep cleaning mission.

The Minions having seen it for the first time were at awe and the ‘question-answer’ session began. This Facebook gen will never truly know or understand.

How wonderful it was to actually sit down and give your time to writing to your family and friends. And how thrilling it was to receive the post. One actually set aside time to go to the store and carefully sift through tons of cards to find that one perfect greeting card that beautifully conveyed your feelings. It meant that you valued the relationship. When we received those posts we would be overjoyed with the fact that the person had given up their valuable time for us.

Times when letters or cards surprisingly dropped into the postbox were the best. There were times when we didn’t have the key to the postbox and we’d try to peek in. When we were old and responsible enough we had our own key to the postbox. That special key was guarded as if it were a key to a treasure chest.

Every year or so that I conduct this deep cleaning, I don’t know if it is because I intend to clean the house or its just a silly reason to get my hands on the treasure chest.

This is to all those people who have given me such wonderful memories to revive. All those people who spent those precious few minutes to write to me…Thanks for the memories!

To today’s Facebook Gen…I wish you had experienced this and knew its value.

Share your thoughts below in the comments section. How many of you out there have a similar treasure chest? or how many of you act like me? 😉 How valuable is it to you?


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