Caring is Sharing

For centuries we have been taught that ‘sharing is caring’. We as parents, teachers and elders are always trying to teach our young ones to share their possessions, that sharing shows you care for that person. We teach them vice versa as well. Caring for someone means that you place those people above every other thing. We teach our young ones to share their prized possessions with those that they care for.

But how often do we instill the habit of sharing their most prized possession..their heart? Their feelings, emotions and thoughts. We often try to roughen up the boys justifying that matters of the heart are only meant for girls. Result…boys lack the ability to share their heart out.

As kids we are taught and later on go on to teach that food, clothing and shelter are the three basic requirements of life. Things that make you live and exist. But life essentially needs just one little thing….a heart!

So, how many times do we actually care for this heart? A heart filled with love, regret, guilt, grief, anger, fear, anxiety….and all sorts of emotions and thoughts. Do we ever think of cleaning it up? Reviving it?

Quite often we don’t. We don’t care for it as often as we should. People have their ways of doing this but one of the most tried and tested successful ways is ‘Sharing’. You share…you share all those feelings to – unburden that little vital muscle and most of all because you care. You share because you care for your heart, for yourself and for that special person with whom you share.

It’s a known fact that matters of the heart are not shared with all. You have that special someone…a best friend, a spouse, a relative, a parent or anyone that you’ve been blessed with. A person who knows you, who knows your heart. Whoever it maybe…remember that you share because you care for them too.

Caring means Sharing. Not very often we come across those numbered few with whom we are ourselves, with whom our heart is at ease. With these precious few who give their time and sometimes money to be with us and share precious moments with us, our heart is not tense, not nervous..nor is it agitated…it is simply at ease. The reason? The heart feels loved and cared for.

Of course we know all this but we tend to forget and need to be reminded. The reason being that we get overly accustomed of these individuals being there that we forget to show them that we care. We might talk all day or everyday to them and yet don’t reveal our deepest darkest feelings, emotions and thoughts. Caring for them also means sharing all that with them. Maybe all they want to do is listen to your heart.

Routines and facts are shared with many. But those dwellings of the heart are shared only with those select few. Care for them, share for them. Do it before they’re gone or before they get too tired of waiting to listen.

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  1. A very nice thought. Things we don’t think or even put light on everyday. The reason being that man has evolved so much and to such an extend that sharing and caring is just a word and not practiced in day to day life.


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