In the Sky!

Travelling has always been exciting but not so much with my Minions.

This time I was travelling with just the older Minion so….Phew! it was less of a hassle. Travelling with both hardly gives me time to breathe and trying to munch on something or even having to use the washroom is a major challenge. On the contrary this time felt like a breeze.

The journey was about 12hrs long and surprisingly this time….Hurray!! I munched, used the washroom and even got time to sit quietly and reflect at the events that occured during this journey.

With two flights scheduled to reach our destination we had to go through alot of transit time. To my relief it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated it to be.

Life is cruel and we play our part in it. As I rested by the window on the second flight, while the Lil Man slept off….looking out at the clouds I began to rewind the events.

‘Never judge a book by its cover’….we say that quite often but really…how many of us follow this or make it a motto in our lives? I thought I did but today made me realise otherwise.

As we boarded the late night flight, what I wanted to be a quiet journey to our transit destination had started to become a very noisy and uncomfortable one. A big family seated beside and behind us continued to laugh and loaf around and sort of deal rudely with the crew. Events like these always bring out the worst in me.

My Lil Man who usually dozes of during these late night flights couldn’t do this owing to all the noise. Hence, he began to bother my sleepy self with tons of useless, non-coherent questions which irked me more. The downside….I still had to behave like a civilised adult which at the time turned out to be the biggest challenge. Our co-passengers being the complete opposite, drew me up the wall.

The tired, groggy, irritated mind began to draw up all sorts of assumptions. What sort of poeple were they? Didn’t they have basic manners of how to behave on an airplane? Weren’t they educated and civilised enough to speak well to the crew? Couldn’t they just shut up and stop yellling on the flight? Weren’t they taught to speak softly in public places?

Yup! I felt like I was the better one there. But just as the flight progressed, after dinner being served and cleared up, just as everyone started to wind down….the atmosphere turned quiet…it ended up that the only one not making an effort to nap was my Lil Man.

The mother who had to quiet down this Lil Man had no more energy or patience left to do so. Just then surprisingly enough one of the noisy co-passengers beside the Lil Man began chatting with him, sharing his snacks with him and entertaining him on his IPad. Peeping through closed eyes I noticed Lil Man getting fully immersed in the conversation on how to progress further on a certain game.

The final result? Lil Man’s battery died down and he dozed off. A quick glance revealed the tired noisy co-passenger finally relaxing and putting away his IPad to take a nap for himself.

Apparently being the better one didn’t help. The one liner often repeated by my students buzzed in…’man is a social animal’. We always need assistance from the people around us, posing to be the better one doesn’t help.

That was a lesson well learnt on being patient and drawing assumptions.

‘Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we are waiting. – Joyce Meyer’


‘Never judge a book by its cover!’

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