Who Am I?

You’d probably think this article will tell you more about me but here’s the deal…if you learn more about me..be sure to let me know.

The two questions..the most critical questions of life whose answers once found would change life itself. Who are we? and What’s our purpose?

In this immense Whoville with all the Whos….each one of us attempt to uncover Who we really are and what our purpose is. How we attempt to find answers to these questions depends on each soul. Some find out sooner than the others and the search goes on forever. Some don’t bother and others bother too much.

But a large portion of this world ask themselves every single day : Who Am I?
Who is this population? It’s us…Us Moms.
A chunk of us even forget to ask ourselves this question and lose ourselves along the way.

It had slipped my mind until recently when Minion No.1 came up to and said….Mama, when are you going back to office?
On receiving a negative reply he simply said…’I want you to go back to office.’
My first thought….How in the world does a 7 y.o even say all that?
2nd thought…pat on the back…V r raising this guy right.
After thought…Damn! back to essential question….Who Am I?

Us women often feel that we have been reduced to these unimportant titles of wife, mother etc.
Of course, there’s no denying that these are the most important titles that we treasure and cherish every second, but we tend to lose ourselves in them.
Our chores revolve around them and we lose sight of our purpose of being or our passion that once was.
We let go of things we did once, and one by one they’re all gone.
We change completely and can’t even recognize ourselves anymore.
Change though inevitable has to have a limit.
But there’s a fine line to how much is enough.
And that fine line needs to be set by us ourselves.

Keeping ourselves alive will serve the family too. The kids learn to respect who we are as individuals and not just their mother.
It’s something for children to talk of their mom as an important person inside and outside home.
There’s just got to be more to us than just being mothers…because we are not ‘just mothers’, we are influencers.
In this modern age of influencing, we’re probably the most important influencers, to teach our sons and daughters that women are more than just the roles set by society.

Being an SAHM is awesome, but things will get to you if you lose yourself.

1. Stick on to people from your past. The good ones of course…they help you remember yourself and revive yourself.

2. You don’t have to go work outside. Some women do better as SAHMs, some do better as Working Moms. The key is to not lose your passion.

3. Find your passion and yourself; and work on it. Start with doing one thing just for yourself, even if it is just an everyday walk in the park.

4. Hold on to your little ones for their sake, not yours. Be like the birdies…let them fly when they learn how to. Know how to be by yourself and enjoy it.

5. Remember that it is crucial to not lose yourself in the mundane routines of life. Life is more than just this. There’s a difference between routines that revolve around our little ones and our entire life revolving around them.

6. It’s not easy doing everything…get help. Grab hold of family and friends. Most importantly take care of yourself.

Our purpose was to evolve and thus let that happen. Evolve in any role you please, revive your dreams and remember that it’s never too late.

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