Heart Ache!

The heart was heavy for one more time. Departing from loved ones has never and will never be easy. Leaving home to go to your own abode isn’t either. Responsibilities call and going back is inevitable.

There I was at my aisle seat…staring nowhere, playing back every single moment. The taxi pulled away, me and the Minions waved. Eyes, filled with tears at the edges, looked on at the two most important beings in life. Looking at those now frail souls, the heart skipped a beat and longed to be with them. But such is life.

When we get back to the mundane routine and rush of life, many a times they almost slip of our minds. But then again the heart takes the upper hand in this. Our hearts are connected to those who bore us, watered and grew us.

At the other end, the highlight of their day is that one call from us. Kudos to today’s technology. There were times when we couldn’t see them till we made the journey back home. Tech has now made it possible to see them at every second of the day. And yet at times we connect with the entire globe but them.

Leaving them to be by themselves is one of The most hardest and unavoidable things we have to do time and again. Lucky are those who get to see them every single day. Here are some things we can all do to make their life a tiny bit easier and happier.

1. Pray for their health, happiness and long life at every single chance you get. Set up things back home to make it easier for them to take care of themselves.

2. Voice call / video call them every single day, no matter how busy you maybe. This one’s for the men too. They need it and so do you. Even if it is a 2 min call, make it.

3. Support them, take care of them in every way possible (emotionally, physically, financially etc). Let them know you’re there, no matter what.

4. Most importantly tell them you love them. Make most of the time that you have with them. Never hold back because of your life’s hindrances. Nothing in life is as important as them.

5. Do not offend them in any way. Allah says in The Holy Quran Chapter 17, verse 23: ‘Whether one or both of them reach old age (while) with you, say not to them so much as, “Uff” and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word’. We tend to disagree with our parents on many things but there’s always a nicer way to accepting their thoughts and putting ours across.

Every time I leave them I feel I could have done more. Whatever we do will never match up to what they did or sacrificed for us, to make us who we are now. So, let’s do our best till we can.

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