Catastrophic ‘W’

Flashback to a few days ago, I did what Sia asked to do in the song ‘Cheap Thrills’. Yes, I turned the radio on. A nature watch program was on. It talked about a remote island in the Atlantic which is an overseas British territory. This island, a breeding ground for a rare species of seabirds was facing a strange problem. This particular species of seabird migrate to this island to breed and are now facing near extinction; that too at the hands of our common rodent, the mouse! According to the report the mice on this island were literally eating these birds alive.

Weird as it is, I wondered how mice (tiny creatures that they are) could kill and eat away a species of seabirds. The environmentalist went on to say that the mice actually bit and nibbled on the birds as they just sat there. He went on and answered my curiosity. The mice were able to do so because the birds were meant to always be left alone to breed on the island. Mice had somehow infiltrated the island some 200 years ago. As the birds had never before faced danger they lacked the instinct to fight back.

Environmentalists are now planning to eradicate these mice by throwing poisonous bait up from helicopters all over the island.

[That’s your weekly dose of news from me :-)]

Now, another flashback to not so long ago….February 14th. I was looking past the many happy ladies celebrating Valentine’s day with their Bae, on Instagram. Suddenly, I was left with a terrible feeling of immense shock and sorrow. I felt deep sorrow for the 40 CRPF personnel who had lost their lives as a result of a terror attack. I, sitting so far away, couldn’t even feel 1% of the grief that their families were feeling.

Then again, I was utterly shocked at the reaction of an ex-student that I was reading, on his Insta status. A highly intelligent, educated, broad minded youth was pleading the nation to wipe out an entire country. I was appalled at the loss of lives and as I continued to scroll through various statuses….I was also surprised at how people didn’t value life.

My mind was racing with so many questions. Why were lives so cheap these days? How could people be so easily brain washed in the name of religion? How could educated beings without batting eyelids suggest an entire nation to initiate war?

People just blow up their own lives, killing with them tens of other people. Nations then die to go to war and I am surprised at how many people are actually for it. I sat and actually envied the people who lived in the ancient times. If tribes had issues, they would fight it of face to face and majority of the times (according to me) the people who died were the ones directly involved. And look at us now, we sit in the comfort of our homes and order our nations to go to war. We love to sit back and enjoy the drama of innocent lives being taken.

Have we as human beings lost all sense and sensibility? How can war ever be the solution? Do we really think that it will solve all issues? We all know what a vicious circle this can be and we still think war is the answer?

I could just go on and on and on.

God created us to be a far greater species than those seabirds who can’t even defend themselves. God gave us intellect, the power to reason, a higher order ability to communicate. Why then do we hold our egos up so high?

This post is going to end now. No sides taken, no suggestions. Just a feeling of hopelessness and a heartfelt yearning and prayer for all the bloodshed in this world to stop.

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  1. The world is no longer a better place to live in thanks to our famous, uneducated politicians. The solution to problems is not easy. But peace.
    It is sometimes nice to see posts from people irrespective of religion wanting peace between India and Pakistan. But the sad part is, just for power our governments don’t understand the seriousness of the situation.


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