Mission ‘M’

After numerous tiring hours of transit, a delayed flight and an amazingly tiring taxi drive; I finally arrived home. My parents’ home. A quick lunch and about an hour’s nap was all we had time for. Mission ‘M’ began. My parents have been blessed with a new home and the ‘Moving’ ordeal is what brought me here.

There isn’t anyone who hasn’t gone through this and it isn’t till you decide to move homes that you realise how much unwanted stuff you’ve stacked over the years. Once you’ve decided to move it’s easy to keep procastinating about packing up but one fine day you’ve got to do it.

The choice is yours – you could do it all by yourself, partly yourself and partly by the ‘Professional Movers’ or let the movers handle it all. It all depends on how much money you are ready to spend.

Moving can be very frustrating if not done in an organized way but planning it well will make things easier. Here are a few things we did as a family that made our move a tad bit easier. These are things that helped us set up our new home easily after we moved in.

1. First and foremost – book your Professional Movers, if you are using one. These guys tend to be very busy and will have to be booked weeks in advance. We booked ours approximately 2 weeks in advanced. This will depend on where you live and where you are moving to, so get this done first.

2. Collect reusable boxes – Mostly you’ll get the cardboard boxes at your local grocer or supermarket, usually at a very nominal price or for free. Luckily we got ours for free.

Do not forget that you can use baskets, hampers, tavels bags and siutcases to pack items.

3. Create a small bag of the items that you’ll continously need during packing. This will help you return the items back into the bag hence saving time and avoiding chaos. So what should you put in this bag?

a. packing tape used for the cartons/boxes.
b. labels if needed
c. markers for numbering / marking the boxes and,
d. a pair of scissors

4. If you’re moving to a not too far away place try to do the little things yourself. Thankfully till I arrived my sister was brave enough to pack the little things on her own and move it to the new home. This will make your move –

a. less expensive
b. more organized and,
c. less of a headache when you move in.

Me and my sister continued to do this together for three more days after I arrived and I must say it helped us relax after moving in.
So, what did we do? A week before the move we packed kitchen utensils and cutlery, clothes not in use, and the little miscellaneous items that we didn’t need urgently. The miscellaneous items also included bedding and toiletries not in use. We unpacked these items and put them in their place at the new home and then reused those boxes.

5. Get rid as you go – this is the best time to sell, donate or throw away stuff that you don’t need and won’t need in your new home. It’s best to do this before the move but if you can’t, pack them into a seperate box and label it so that you don’t end up unpacking it.

6. Labelling – marking / labelling your boxes is of paramount importance. Marking them on the basis of which room they belong to or who they belong to will make it easier. You could just do what we did on our previous move.
A long time ago when we moved from one country to another we had numbered our boxes (as box 1, 2, 3 etc) and made a handwritten list as we packed. This list mentioned which items were in a particular box. For example B1 – glass kitchen ware, B2 – linen, B3 – kids clothes, B4 – kitchen appliances etc.

When the movers come and start with packing your big items continue with the labelling. If they are taking back the boxes and do not allow you use a marker on the cartons/boxes; it is best to use labels that’ll easily come out.

Most importantly remember never to write valuables on the boxes. It’s best to transport the box of valuables yourself in your car or give it a random unimportant codename if the movers are transporting it.

7. Screws are important – Remember not to lose the screws. As the movers were unscrewing the furniture me and my dad taped the screws on to the corresponsing furniture. Do not put them all in one little bag. If you are lucky the movers will fix up all the furniture for you but if they don’t, remember that mixing up the screws will lead to utter chaos.

Do the same with cables. Preferably stick the cables to the base cuz the sticky tape might leave marks.

8. Keep it organized – empty items in your drawers and side tables etc. and pack them into plastic grocery bags. Follow the labelling routine so that you can easily unpack.

9. Pack a bag for the first night – get the family to be organized too. Let them pack an essentials bag for the first night in your new home. Pack your PJs, toothbrushes, toiletries and a change of clothes for the next morning in one handy bag and transport this with yourself.

This brings us to my final tip:

10. Once the boxes are moved into your new home, get the movers to put them in the correct room. This will definitely save your time and energy in moving them from one room to the other and make your move more manageable.
Get curtains done preferably before you move in and set up the kitchen first as hungry tummies require it.

After doing all the above; avoid your OCDs, relax and unpack calmly. Don’t fret over things being in their correct place all at once. Things will take order slowly and steadily. Do the important things first and the rest will follow. Unpack first and tidy up and designate proper places later. [ I write these lines because this is something we had to remind our mom to do about a million times each day ]

I could probably write a manual on moving as there’s so much more I’d like to say. This may as well be my family’s 15th home, so by now we’re way too experienced at this. I do pray that this is our last.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Happy moving to anybody who’s moving in the near future. Hope the above will make your life easier.

Do share your experiences and tips below.


  1. thanks for the post, I am sure it will be useful to many. I have moved so many times, it’s a really stressful time. I normally try to declutter each room weeks before I start to pack, getting rid of all the items I do not want to take with me and taking them to the charity shop or throwing out whats no longer any good.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh yes, moving is really tiring and loads of work.
    Last time we had so much trouble because of moving we all had to work all day long and after that too the work wasn’t complete. Jazakallah for sharing these tips…I really needed the last tip.😀


    • Yup moving homes is a real headache… But in a way exciting as well cuz of new place and new beginnings. It does take months to settle in though.
      Jazak Allahu Khairan for the +ve feedback.


  3. Shifting home is stressful. I used to hate packing and unpacking. Now I have learned to accept it as a part of expats life. I may need to shift again soon. This article is just what I need.
    we had once sought help from professional shifters. It so happened, that someone else too was shifting to the building we were shifting to. And there was a mix-up! We lost one of the wardrobe’s column. We searched for a carpenter to help us replace it. Finally, after a week, I was able to unpack my clothes. Things can turn wrong anytime.

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  4. This is so organised! MashaAllah 15 homes is a lot of moving involved. I’ve only moved once and that was out of my parents home when I got married. I had far too many books that needed packing – that was my only worry. But looking at the things that I have now, I can’t imagine how I would pack them all up. These tips will come in very handy inshaAllah.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jazak Allahu khairan sister. Glad you liked the article.
      Yes.. 15 Holmes is alot but Alhumdulillah… Allah takes you to wherever your Rizk is. With my parents I’ve moved alot… With my little family I’ve moved three times 😁. So looks like destiny to me 🤣


  5. The thought of moving makes me nervous! I have only moved once from my parents house to my own house and then had limited things as we were starting from scratch so it wasn’t too bad…..but now it would be stressful!

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