B for Boys!

It’s another post with a flashback…so rewind to 10 yrs ago. Post engagement we dreamed of an awesome life together. Couple of years into wedded bliss our first Minion was about to arrive. Oh how thrilled we were and had the great expectations. We thought we would be the perfect parents and boy were we wrong. Yes…boy! For some weird reason the boys fancied me more but little did I know how big of a challenge they would be. There’s no denying that being a Mama to boys is a completely different ball game. Us boy Mamas know this too well.

Blessed with two boys and seven years down the line, this is what it means to be a Mama of boys.

  1. The house is never going to be quiet ever again. Having boys in the house means a lot of noise almost all the time. Having been in an all girl household, this was something I wasn’t ever ready for. To this day, I cherish the hours that they are asleep. During these few precious hours is when I try to sneak in some ‘Me’ time with an uninterrupted cup of coffee. Alas! that’s easier said than done.
  2. War cries – Their games are more often than not all about running, yelling and ninja moves. Every other game will start or end with war cries, “HAIIII YAAAA” and all sorts of punching and squashing sounds. It’s hard to keep up with their energy. There are days when you can handle this and days that you’d just want to disappear or pull your hair out.
  3. Guns – No matter how much you try to keep them away from guns…you finally have to give in to buying them toy guns. When I didn’t, they made a toy gun out of a bread slice once and most of times with paper. So about 3 months ago I gave in to the little one’s demands and bought each of them a gun. (obviously you can’t just make the little one happy, it’s got to be both). Now, my house is a battlefield. They hide behind walls, under tables or whatever, shoot each other and me; and obviously Mama is supposed to play dead.
  4. Cars 1, 2, 3…till infinity – The house is constantly filled with all sorts of cars and you’ll face their wrath if you ever throw or give away their treasured ‘hot wheels’. Almost all days are filled with the ‘vroom vroom’ sounds that they make, so much so that even you’ll get accustomed to making that sound when you pick those cars. You’ll find the cars tucked under pillows, hidden behind sofa cushions and kitchen cabinets and god forbid you step on one when the lights are out.
  5. Untidiness is their middle name. It’ll seem like you are on a continuous cleaning spree. A trillion soft spoken words show no difference till you become that ‘Momster’ and yell like they do. Give an order like a Sargent in the battle field and everything falls into place instantaneously.
  6. You are their hurdle or mountain – Every other second they will not just want to but insist that they need to climb and jump of from you. They love to climb on you and hang from you. In their little fantasy world you are that steep mountain and once on top, they’d love to jump from it (again with a yell).
  7. Rules, Scream….Repeat – Every single car ride, family visit, or any outing for that matter will continuously involve reiterating the rules of behavior. Only on those rare occasions will they ever be followed. God forbid they find fellow boys at the venue…all the behavioral training  goes down the drain and you just try to get out the place asap, throw them back in the car and start screaming like a Mama Bear.
  8. Be careful! This seems to have become my motto. I’m saying this even when I’m not supposed to. Why? Their stunts, acrobatics and carelessness with things and (more so) with themselves will make your heart stop…that’s why.
  9. Even though u don’t like it you’ll end up telling them a million times to keep their hands away from their privates. This is something you’ll have to get used to but no matter how much you get used to it, you’ll still feel sick every time you instruct them.

    But on the plus side……

  10. You’ll be start being tech savvy with all boys around and learn to love their games, become fluent in their lingo and what not. They suck you into their cool world.
  11. Never having to make hair. Having had short hair during all of my youth, I always wondered how I’d tie a ponytail if I had a girl. Yayyy! now I don’t have to. Getting them ready is so easy.
  12. As the years pass you’ll become more and more aware and concerned over bringing up a Proper Man. A man who learns to be open minded, to respect women, to be responsible and to be kind. And, that’s a good thing.
  13. There’s a special kind of love exhibited only by boys to their Mamas. I was recently away from my boys for about 2 weeks and when I landed back home my boys were running to me at the airport and fighting over who gets to hug Mama first. With a handmade card on the dashboard, I was welcomed with little tears of ‘why did you go away from us?’

Besides all the nuances of being a mother to boys, I am still thrilled to be a Mama of boys. No I do not secretly wish I had girls…there’s no other way I’d want it. I don’t know what I’d be without their screams, mess, care and love. Boys are oh so sensitive towards their Mamas. Very often on seeing your tiredness they’ll come and massage your feet with their little hands (without being told to do so) and you’ve got your perfect little world right there.

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