I’m Back!

Yes, I’m Back….And about time I did, don’t you think? The Ramadan break extended for far too long but bring out the confetti…I’m finally back from my first ever blogging break.

You’ve probably heard that it takes about 26 days to a month to build a habit and that’s exactly what happened here. After building the blogging habit I accidentally undid (is that even a word?) that habit. Though the Ramadan break was to help focus on the spiritual self and build new good habits….surprisingly it’s so easy to get lost in your spiritual wilderness.

Does that para above make any sense? Well, you try to make amends, correct the wrongs, improve yourself (cuz let’s face it, it’s high time…if not now, then when?)….among all of this the other things get sidelined and my writing was one of them. Until the other day on those ‘oh so necessary’ bestie brunches I was asked, “What’s up with the blogging? When you going to write next?”

Amazing how the human mind is isn’t it? Constantly seeking motivation, recognition and that mandatory push to do things. After having written things on my mind slate for all these weeks, here I am…typing utter nonsense and making you read. All this rambling and running around the bushes because of this so called ‘writer’s block’ that doesn’t seem to go away. So any ideas on how to get rid of it are most welcome.

It was Yoga Day on 20th June, wonder if any ‘asana’ would help send a rush of ideas to the brain and ultimately shoo away the writer’s block.

While sitting and starting at the screen wondering what to write the mind begins to think of the month gone by. Alhumdulillah (many thanks to Allah), for such a wonderful a month that He made us witness. Many more thanks because summer is finally here with soaring temperatures of about 45 degrees celcius and we couldn’t have been able to observe the fasts in such heat. Ramadan flew away like a breeze and left us stunned with most of us thinking “Is it already over?” while we had just about picked up the rhythm and started to enjoy the spirituality. And again thanks to the Almighty for making it so easy.

The past month has been a month of throwing away all the toxicity, realizing the true meaning of life, connecting with the Almighty and setting clear boundaries and priorities. You grow, you learn and that itself is a blessing. It sets you free and that’s a pleasure like no other.

With a wonder of whether all of the above has made any sense and a promise to return soon, I bid adieu and leave with something written a long time ago.

There shall be a time,
When the glass breaks.
The silence shatters,
And the heart overtake.

The mind will lose..
And the words will just flow.
Feelings be given a say
And the words will just flow.

There shall be a time..
When hurt is no more.
Questions be asked,
And silence shall be no more.

Shall relationships falter?
Shall friendships end?
There shall be a time…
When the trials descend.

There shall be a time,
But, when will it be so?
Who is to decide its dawn..
Before time itself shall go?

There shall be a time…
But when will it be so?
Before words are forgotten,
And buried in snow.

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    • Thx alot sister. The same seems to be happening with me. I’m on vacation and thought I’d be writing more… But I’ve been so caught up with family and taking care of a sick toddler. InshaAllah I’ll write soon.


  1. I think generally it’s always hard to get back into a routine after Ramadan. Glad you’re back!! (www.spicyfusionkitchen.com)


  2. Allhumdulliah…good to know that you had wonderful time….I always adore your poetry…it is a gift…keep nurturing it and write more….

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