Teaching Be Like…..

Hello to the Blogging World after a long long time. Teaching life got me bad and this post has been in my mobile notepad and mind slate for near about 6 months now. The lock down has been a  blessing in disguise. Finally got the time to organize my thoughts, self-reflect, write and drop my thoughts into my pensieve.

So this one’s about getting back to the teaching world. Treading on familiar grounds again and getting back to the joy of sharing knowledge. Having rough days, being in the middle of work politics and yet enjoying those moments in the classroom with young minds and souls.

Teachers have tough days and then tougher days.  There are no easy days. Each day is a new challenge with the 20+ students that you teach. We are expected to teach, grade, make student behavior reports, support slow learners, guide the rest, plan lessons, create assessments, deal with non-understanding parents………Phew! Does it ever end? And in the midst of doing all this…Oh! we should build personalities, increase knowledge in our learners and of course be their confidant.

As frustrating as that can be at times, nonsensical  people come by and tell you what an awesomely easy job you have, all because you get 2 months of official vacay. Sorry to burst the bubble my friend, but let me see you try to do all the above every single day without even having a decent enough pee break or lunch break. We start our day at the crack of dawn and end it at midnight. We would like to have a life for ourselves and our family but hey! other’s kids are more important.

So this is our normal class where we deal with 20+ tiny different personalities. Remember all of whom you need help raise the bar. Kid ‘A’ needs to get better at spellings, so you set a different routine for them. Kid ‘S’ needs to get better at mental math. ‘S’ comes in early before everyone does, so there you go, don’t take a breather even as you enter class and put down your bag, get the mental math practice out and make ‘S’ do it.
Then there’s ‘H’ who ‘God only knows how’, passed on to the next class without knowing how to hold that pencil and learning to write on the lines. So, you set up practice for them.
The list is endless. It is amazing how we manage to get all this done only in 6 hours of school time.

The onset of Covid-19 has brought with it new and unfamiliar experiences to educators. Having to organize teaching curriculum online and delivering it in these troubling times has been a challenge. No doubt we’ve learnt a lot about E-Learning but the truth is we classroom lovers don’t like it one bit. We miss the good mornings, the hugs, the laughter, the kids that shout out loud, the 2 minute dance routine before break ends, the high fives, the disciplining and most of all the sense of achievement at the end of a lesson when the class finally gets what you were trying to teach them.

No matter how tiring, no matter how annoyingly frustrating all this can be, we teachers still love it. Honestly, it keeps us young. We know the latest games as generations pass out, we know the hip lingo and then we get this……


In my second home, I have a second mother.
She teach me how to read, she teach me how to write,
she teach me how to sing, she teach me everything.
She is my teacher.
Happy Happy Mother’s Day to my second mother Miss Huma.
I miss you so much.
Love, Mohammed

The above was from one of THE NAUGHTIEST students in my class, the one that got disciplined all day. The one that took most of my energy. The first thought when I read this lovely card was ‘OMG, I need to work on his grammar more when we get back to school’.
During lock down this is what he sent me. Was all that work behind him worth it? I read that card once again and I know every ounce of it was.

No matter how stressful, this is why I got back to teaching.

  1. The joy of sharing knowledge. Whether it’s teaching A B Cs or complex accounting, at the end of the day we make human beings a bit more smarter. That’s what drives me.
  2. The classroom. The feeling, the vibes. It’s our second home. Being among young inquisitive minds feeds our soul.
  3. Whether I liked it or not, teaching runs in the family. My mom was a teacher, sister is a teacher….maternal and paternal uncles, cousins. Seeing how well they educated people was an inspiration.
  4. It’s a challenge….(how many times have I said that now?)….that’s rewarding us every single day. And yet, we walk out every single day feeling like we could have done better.
  5. Talking to young souls and listening to their stories gives you a fresh perspective. Their stories make you laugh. You get to be silly and fun without getting told of for doing that.
  6. The occasional appreciation from parents. The shaping of personalities. I remember each and every one of those few students that ended the year far better than they had started.

This E-Learning in these Covid times is hindering all that.

Signing of for now with the hope and a prayer for all this chaos around the world to end.


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