Racism Ingrained

I have thought long and hard before writing this one. I’ve sat on it ever since we discussed the George Flyod brutality at home. Whatever happened was ghastly and something that could make one lose hope in humanity. But the sheer fact that the whole world is protesting against this horrible act is proof that there’s still hope.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch the entire video. How could a human being have the nerve to do what they did? I later read what actually happened and those weren’t good enough reasons to kill someone. Has the hatred for black people been so deeply ingrained that the cop still went ahead with the brutality even when the person kept screaming that he couldn’t breathe? George Flyod said, “I’m gonna die today man!” and the cop made it happen.

There’s certainly something wrong somewhere. In all countries and cultures black skinned individuals are treated with such hatred. Why? Where did humanity go wrong?

It’s funny how racism has been ingrained in us. If we started talking about it I’m sure each and every black person would have a story or two to tell. Even the non-black dark skinned Asians would have stories to tell. We’ve all been discriminated based on our skin color, religion, ethnicity, body, accent…the list can go on. But, our black brothers and sisters have been through it more than we have and its time their voice was heard. It’s time to put an end to this.

We desis are prone to this as well. For those who know all too well the desi culture we are way too used to being called ‘kallu’ or ‘kaalia’ (the black one). People tag you without realizing the lasting affects this subtle abuse can have. Almost as if we had a choice while being born and were being mocked on making the wrong choice. The fair skinned ones automatically think they’re superior. The ones with neutral skin color also think they’re a tad bit above the dark skinned.

Being fair skinned myself I know I have unconsciously enjoyed the few perks of being able to blend in easily wherever I go. Yes, that’s privilege. All whites are unconsciously enjoying privilege. And on the opposite I’ve seen first hand how blacks or dark skinned people are treated in public. They’re just not taken seriously and treated with a rude demeanor. Whereas the reality is that these people are the most kind, true and humble people I’ve ever met.

Racism is so deeply ingrained in our society that a man no matter his color (in our desi culture) always wants a ‘gori'(fair skinned girl) as his soul mate. And what’s surprising is that it’s the mothers who feed their boys with this and they are the ones who go on with the ever so ardent search for the perfect ‘gori’.

We desis are ridiculed if even when we choose a Black American or dark skinned spouse. The first thing they’ll ask is, “are you sure?” (with that racist look on their face). As if life would be doomed if we made that choice. My question is, do these people even hear themselves? Did they just forget to be human?

I keep thinking why? When did it all begin? Who equated being white with being beautiful or above others?

And yet our desi culture doesn’t end there. If the above so called doomed marriage went through and a baby arrived, the first question would be…”baccha gora hai?” (is the baby fair skinned?) Obviously…the concerns of the mother and baby’s health are all secondary as compared to that paramount question.

Yes this is how ingrained racism is in our societies. I think this is exactly why things went the way they went with George Flyod, Breonna Taylor and many others. This is also why other minorities are massacred all over. We need to speak up, it’s time to shout. It started with Trayvon Martin back in 2012 and every time a brutality happens voices are raised and then hushed down, I hope that this time the voices are here to stay.

It’s very simple….We’ve all been created by one God. Each and every person deserves to be respected for who they are and we deserve to not be generalized. We all come with our flaws and we all have our black sheep but NOTHING JUSTIFIES RACISM.

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