In the Sky!

Travelling has always been exciting but not so much with my Minions. This time I was travelling with just the older Minion so....Phew! it was less of a hassle. Travelling with both hardly gives me time to breathe and trying to munch on something or even having to use the washroom is a major challenge.... Continue Reading →

Caring is Sharing

For centuries we have been taught that 'sharing is caring'. We as parents, teachers and elders are always trying to teach our young ones to share their possessions, that sharing shows you care for that person. We teach them vice versa as well. Caring for someone means that you place those people above every other... Continue Reading →


I've been off the radar for a while now and for good reason. Ever so often life throws a curved ball at you, forcing you to get acquainted with the hardest reality of life. The truth that we so conveniently choose to ignore. The truth that might hit us in the  most unexpected of times.... Continue Reading →

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