The Newbie Experience

A week after I quit my job, there I was, staring at my computer screen in the middle of the night not knowing where to begin.

Having been persuaded by The Man and being fed continuous words of encouragement by The BFF, I had finally decided to write and discover the world of e-book  publishing. The enthusiasm died as soon as the research began.

I took a week to finalize my first children’s book. Why children’s book you may ask. Honestly I have no clue either. But the best part about it was it came naturally, probably after numerous story telling sessions with my students that’s where the heart inclined.

So, after tons of proofreading and editing sessions there lay my first manuscript. But void of any illustrations I couldn’t do anything with it. And, for a person like me that was the toughest part.

The inhibitions began, I thought of turning back, the world would probably think of me as a futile writer, incapable of illustrating a children’s book. And believe me when I say it was the toughest part. I know nothing even remotely related to drawing or sketching. Having no illustrations would not achieve the purpose of a children’s book.

Partly down in the dumps I lay back for two days. To my luck I stumbled upon ‘My Story Book’, an online software that allowed teachers, students and short story tellers to create and download their story books. It allowed me to add backgrounds, pictures and write in my story. I was thrilled, I couldn’t have got a better place to start. And yet, the difficult part was finding images online that were; one: free to use and not copyright, two: in-sync with my imagination. A lot of googling and I found and; these provide you with free to use, copyright free, transparent clipart.

Next step: publishing options. Two am, again staring at my screen, drowsy and utterly confused. I was perplexed by the number of options. The voice in my head said, ‘Wrap it up, sit home, be the homemaker, probably begin tuition at home, that’s the most you can do.’  Backed of again for a day, discussed it with The Man and talked with The BFF for some soul uplifting.

Research by The Man and we decided Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) would be the most simple and best option to publish. What was termed simple by The Man didn’t at all look simple to me. First look at KDP, reading the terms and conditions and steps to publish; I give The Man (who is sitting comfortably flipping channels) ‘the look’. A minute later,  thoughts to myself: What have I been doing all these years? Am I too old to figure out these things?

After being forced to do so by myself, apparently because I need to buckle up and get my sh** together, I spent the whole night signing up, reading the terms and conditions, filling up the tax forms (for which thankfully I’m not eligible, which would otherwise involve another headache), and completing my account information; my KDP account was up and running, ready to upload a manuscript to publish.

I went back to ‘My Story Book’, finalized the pictures and in a couple of days downloaded my first children’s book, ‘James at Work’. Now finally I was elated, all set to upload and try my luck as a writer. After the initial struggle at KDP, publishing was eezy peezy 🙂


So, there you have it…my ‘Newbie Experience’. Go on to the ‘Books’ link on my site to find links to all the places on Amazon where you can purchase my ebook for Kindle.

I’m now working on building a paperback edition to the book (I could write a whole new post on that) and I’m also working on my second children’s short story.

If you enjoyed reading this post, do give me a thumbs up, share and definitely leave a comment…I’m always open to feedback.


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